September 11, 2013

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Seeing so many baldies (American slang for bald person) in school, I was very tempted to shave my head too. Ever since I was a baby, the only time I was bald was when I was one month old. Just entering into university, be cool even if it is only once seems wonderful. I made up my mind and walked into the barbershop. Inside, there were a few people waiting. The barber Nike Air Max 1 For Sale asked: "You have such short hair, do you want a crew cut?” The barber laughed and told the rest of the people to wait. "Let him go first, it’ll only take five minutes.”Returning to dormitory, my dorm mates were astonished. After laughing aloud for a while, all of them couldn’t resist themselves to come up for a touch.

This afternoon, I didn’t attend one of my classes. It is normal that some people will not show up for one or more of their classes. This wasn’t the first time for me either. After half a period however, the teacher glanced around and said: "Someone Nike Air Max Sale Cheap is missing. Not everybody is here.” Finally I convinced two of my classmates to shave their heads too. Now, we have three baldies in our class. My nightmare is now reduced by two thirds. I looked to the left then looked to the right, certain of my own geographic location and stood up unwillingly.

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